Guidance Counselor

Newsletters to keep families informed with what is going on in the Good Life Program and what different departments within the Ho-Chunk Nation offer for services. Help with journaling and reflection papers. Teaching best practices for studying or taking tests and much more.

Low time commitment- We work with families to provide appropriate resources for their situation

Clubs offered under GCP/Guidance Counselor Program

Indigenous Author Book Club

Roughly 30 minutes Zoom Class a week for up to 12 weeks plus students’ own out-of-class reading time. Participants are provided books written by Native American Authors! Most books covered are award-winning or highly acclaimed. We provide many different genres in our clubs such as graphic novels, fiction, historical fiction, non-fiction, poetry, etc… All books are purchased and shipped to the participant by the GCP and are theirs to keep. Reading Groups are split into grades K-2nd (guided reading), 3rd- 5th, 6th- 8th, and 9-12th. Students are given 2-3 options for discussion of books as we know everyone learns differently. Groups help with progressing reading skills, work on reading comprehension, and provide access to books that discuss Native American topics and issues facing our communities. Students who complete a term can continue to the next term of new books.
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Native Arts Club

Roughly 30 minutes Zoom Class a week for up to 12 weeks plus students’ own out-of-class creating time. Participants are provided with all supplies needed for several different Native Art Projects for the term. Supplies are theirs to keep and we encourage kids to continue creating after the class is over. Depending on the semester, kids will learn different techniques such as, but not limited to, beading, sewing, applique, finger weaving, leather craft, etc… Age groups are split into K-5th and 6th-12th. Students are given 2 options for class participation as we know everyone learns differently. Students completing a term are offered the option to proceed to an advanced class or choose to learn a different medium. In the future, we plan to have visiting Native Artists come to speak to the older student group about their personal stories, artwork pieces, and creative process.
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