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Events 4-5 Virtual Events offered every term for roughly an hour. Other events, such as camps, may also be offered in collaboration with other Ho-Chunk Departments. These events may be of longer duration. Participants are only required to attend one of any of the offered events to complete what is required for the course. Our

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Career Exploration

Career Exploration 7th Grade and Up Students and families will use a self-guided career, major, and education planning system that gives them step-by-step guidance on career exploration. Assessments are done on your skills, personality, work interests, and values. There are no wrong answers for these assessments! You will then be provided with a list of

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Guidance Counselor

Guidance Counselor

Guidance Counselor Newsletters to keep families informed with what is going on in the Good Life Program and what different departments within the Ho-Chunk Nation offer for services. Help with journaling and reflection papers. Teaching best practices for studying or taking tests and much more. Low time commitment- We work with families to provide appropriate

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Financial Literacy/Social-Emotional Skills

Financial Literacy/Social-Emotional Skills We have partnered with the Financial Fitness Group and The SAFE Steps to provide an opportunity for your students to learn the financial skills and the human skills they’ll need to survive and thrive today and in the future. Participants will build human skills that no computer can replace. Skills that help

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Ho-Chunk Language- Bringing Hoocąk Home

Ho-Chunk Language- Bringing Hoocąk Home “Bringing Hoocąk Home” is an online family-oriented language program. This new language course is designed by the Ho-Chunk Language division. In this language learning experience, Wąąkšik Ho’į Pįį Hirušją Kįį participants and their families will work towards earning points while learning and using Hoocąk at home. Each week will have

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